7 Golf Course Management Companies

A golf course management company can alleviate a lot of the stress which comes with running your club. They can handle finances, customer relations, and many other vital aspects of the club. Since this is what they specialize in, you can be certain they will do a solid job.

Not all companies are created equally, however. Below we have a brief list of golf course management companies that currently rank among the best, along with a small amount of information on each to help you decide which is best for your unique situation.

1: Troon: Almost thirty years in the business, and a wide range of options to suit any club. They excel in customer service and serve thousands of clubs with their expertise. They are the largest professional golf club servicer currently and are continuing to grow.

2: Paradigm: They offer a marketing-focused approach, as well as both short-term and long-term options which are easily terminated if you are unhappy for any reason.

golf course management companies

3: Kemper Sports: This company, founded in 1978, manages more than just golf clubs. They have services to help manage most sports related businesses.

4: Coral Hospitality: They offer free consultations to see what they can do for your club. Their plans are customized, and include members services and finances, among other things.

5: Western Golf Properties: This company was founded in 1985. They currently serve golf clubs located in twenty different US states.

6: Club Corp: They define themselves as a forward-thinking company who can create for your club a better bottom-line. They currently serve over 200 clubs located in places all over the world.

7: Billy Casper Golf: They have been in business for over 25 years. Each club they manage gets a plan fully customized to meet their distinct, unique needs.